Geotechnical instrument networking solutions – LTE-M evaluation.

Geosystems are constantly seeking better solutions for geotechnical instrument networking. As a result, we trialed the LTE-M. After, much testing and evaluation the results are in!! Consequently, we can confirm the LTE-M networking solution functions perfectly for Australian conditions.

So what?

What this means is our IOT BluGateway LTE-M can be deployed anywhere there is Telstra LTE-M coverage. Thus, for surface deployments, it’s quite powerful since you can spread sensors around the site, yet still, have each node transmitting its data individually back to our Vantage cloud solution via an LTE-M sim.

A typical example is a vibrating wire piezo connected to our wireless vibrating wire interface, BluWire. Geosystems supply two versions of BluWire 1ch or 4ch.

Add a BluGW for LTE-M telemetry within 150m range to make simple IOT solution.

Push data to Vantage optional for a full cloud solution.

Everything runs on batteries but you can add solar to back up BluWire nodes and BluGW if you wish. Together the IOT BluGateway LTE-M offers a cost effective geotechnical instrument networking solution.

Geotechnical instrument networking solution diagram.

LT_E geotechnical instrument networking Geosystems

Glossary of terms

BlueGateway LTE-M – YieldPoint instrument. The YieldPoint LTE-M gateway. Configure with an Android device through YP’s free BluPoint App. The device uses long-range Bluetooth 5 with a range of 100m LOS.

BlueWire – a geotechnical 4instrument vibrating wire interface. Connected to either a wire (RS485) or a wireless interface (Bluetooth). The BlueWire interrogates all 4 ports to return a single output string with a resonance frequency of connected instruments in Hertz.

Vantage point – A cloud software plaform host on Amazon server.

LTEM  – (LTE-MTC [Machine Type Communication]), which includes eMTC (enhanced Machine Type Communication), is a type of low power wide area network (LPWAN) radio technology standard developed by 3GPP to enable a wide range of cellular devices and services (specifically, for machine-to-machine and Internet of Things. Source: